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  • H.264 scalable video over finite-state Markov chain wireless channels 

    Hua, Guogang; Song, Daewon; Hench, David L.; Chen, Chang Wen (2007-09-10)
    In this paper, a wireless channel is viewed as a heterogeneous network in the time domain, and an adaptive video transmission scheme for H.264 scalable video over wireless channels modeled as a finite-state Markov chain ...
  • Improved denoising approach using higher-order statistics 

    Kozaitis, Samuel P. (2007-04-09)
    We presented a method to reduce noise in signals using a higher-order, correlation-based approach. This paper examines the differences between hard and soft thresholds using the higher-order method, and the use of different ...
  • Wavelet-based fusion approach using unique reconstruction approach 

    Ouendeno, Michel; Kozaitis, Samuel P. (2007-04-09)
    We used measures based on entropy to evaluate a method designed to fuse imagery from different sensor types. The method uses different forward transforms of input images and a common transform to reconstruct the final ...
  • Dynamic GOP structure for scalable video coding 

    Kim, Haksoo; Chen, Chang Wen (2007-01-29)
    MPEG is currently developing a new scalable video coding (SVC) standard which should provide compression efficiency similar to current non-scalable video coding standard. The extension of H.264/AVC hybrid video coding using ...
  • Distributed video coding based on constrained rate adaptive low density parity check codes 

    Liu, Rongke; Hua, Guogang; Chen, Changwen (2007-01-29)
    Distributed video coding is an emerging area of research for digital video driven partly by the widespread use of video acquisition devices by the consumers. In this paper, we present a distributed video coding scheme based ...

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